Day-1 Introduction, Waterflood Objectives, Waterflood Patterns and Components of a

Waterflood Project.

Excel Based Problems – Session-1

Day-2 Importance of Reservoir Description in Design and Operation of Waterflood. Design

Considerations in a Waterflood Project

Excel Based Problems – Session-2

Day-3 Fundamental Rock and Fluid Properties impacting Waterflood

Excel Based Problems – Session-3

Day-4 Reservoir Characterization and Heterogeneity. Flood ability, Mobility Ratio, Areal,

and Vertical Sweep Efficiency. Impact of fracture on sweep efficiency.

Excel Based Problems – Session-4

Day-5 Microscopic Displacement efficiency and its calculation – Buckley Leverett Equation

Excel Based Problems – Session-5

Day-6 Buckley Leverett Equation, Impact of Throughput rate, Decline Curve Analysis in

Waterflooded Reservoir.

Excel Based Problems – Session-6

Day-7 Decline Curve Analysis in Waterflooded Reservoir. Produced Water Management

Excel Based Problems – Session-7

Day-8 Waterflood Surveillance and Monitoring

Excel Based Problems – Session-8

Day-9 An introduction to streamline simulation as a Waterflood Management Tool,

Impact of Water Injection Deferment

Day-10 Why Waterfloods Fail, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Waterflood Operating

Envelope with Case Studies

Final Waterflood Quiz

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