This highly sought-after “Advanced Well Engineering and Drilling Operations” training fits recent energy graduates as well as working professionals who possess appropriate industry experience. 

This course covers both well designs/planning and drilling executions, including complex well types which require an advanced level of well engineering expertise. This course builds from the ground up and leads its learners from fundamentals to great technical depths of well engineering and drilling problem-solving. 

This modern course teaches smart data-driven drilling optimization techniques and effective workflows, which has delivered huge cost savings in drilling costs. Digital drilling optimization and real-time well engineering simulations had been game-changers for complex wells around the globe. These modern data-driven well engineering/drilling solutions empower and position the wells team to get both design and drilling execution right the very first time.

Prerequisite (Any of these):

BSc or MSc in Earth Disciplines

Engineering Degree (Any Discipline)

BSc in any scientific/numeracy discipline.

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